February 13th Montrose Market Recap

February 13th Montrose Market Recap

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We had our second market for the month of February yesterday and here’s how it went!

 Every Sunday, me and my market buddies always stop by the same gas station in the morning to get energy drinks, body armors, and ice for our cooler that we take to the market.  Last week I was wondering if the guy that works at the gas station would ever notice that we come in every Sunday. Well, this time he finally did, and he asked us, “So where do you guys go every Sunday?” We told him about the market and everything and he seemed satisfied to finally know why he always sees us.

 We got to the market spot a little bit early as usual and walked down the street to grab some Common Bond Coffee. The lighting in Common Bond is always so amazing with their big windows and the morning sunlight coming through so as soon as I got my coffee I asked Amaris to take a photo of me for my Instagram because I hadn’t posted on there in a minute. (See the photo @Caroline.nicole_)

 Our set up this time was very red with all the new Valentine’s Day items that I added and it looked very aesthetically pleasing.

 This one girl finally bought this elaborate peacock embroidered sweater that a lot of people have looked at, but no one had actually bought it. It fit her style well as far as I could tell and she complimented our stuff and said, “Y’all have some really cool stuff”, always rewarding to hear that haha.

 Lots of people stopped to check out the 3 new Coogi sweaters that we brought, and many were turned off by the price tag of $275 but I know the OG vintage people know how valuable those items are. Both are in fantastic condition and one of them has a beautiful rainbow color pattern. It took a lot not to keep that one for myself.

 Surprisingly not a lot of people bought $5 items, maybe 3 people did and that is a very good indicator to show how slow of a day it turned out to be.

 I have to say, in the beginning of the day it seemed like it was going to be a very good day, but it quickly started to slow down and it just seemed like less and less people were walking by. We knew that because of the Super Bowl it would probably be slower than usual especially going into the evening, but I was very surprised with how little traffic there was even in the middle of the day. But, that’s how it goes at the markets, we just got to keep the positivity flowing because even if the outcome wasn’t ideal, we still made some money we didn’t have before and we are very blessed to be in that position. So, it was a fun day nonetheless and we got to talk, laugh a lot and shop at other people’s booth’s.

 Thank you to all our supporters and to the people that continue to buy from small businesses, it means so much. WE LOVE YOU!

Have a wonderful, beautiful day and we’ll be back at the market this weekend!


February 14th, 2022



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