February 20th Montrose Market Recap

February 20th Montrose Market Recap

Helloooo everyone! I hope all is well with y'all! I am back again on this Tuesday to recap the Montrose Market we attended two days ago!

This market started out with a very bumpy morning. The night before the market I had noticed that my left arm felt sore in the muscle that is responsible for lifting your arm up, the one on the top side of the arm. I'm not sure what that muscle is but its not my bicep, it was whatever muscle is to the left of the bicep. Anyways, it felt like it was pulled or strained in some way but It didn't feel too serious at the time. When I woke up in the morning the first thing I noticed was that it felt definitely much worse and that posed a problem for getting ready for the market because we do a lot of loading and unloading and lifting of a bunch of heavy items. I tried to help load stuff into our cars anyways in the morning and for some reason I thought I could jerk open my car door with my left arm and as soon as I did that the pain shocked me so bad and that's when I realized that I really should not be doing anything with that arm because the pain was pretty severe. That was a little upsetting to me because I hate watching my friends do all of the work but I did help out as much as I could with small stuff in my right arm. 

While loading things up into our cars we realized that a wheel had fallen off one of our main racks, and while that was disappointing, we still had two extras that were just a little wonky in the way that they didn't stand completely straight but they did work better than a rack with a missing wheel. So we loaded in one of those to replace it.

Then, when we got to the market and we were setting up the racks, one of the racks that Clay brought over was missing a wheel and at first we thought somehow he didn't switch out the one that we found at the house that had no wheel, but no, two out of our six racks had lost a wheel that morning. So, since we were already at the market we had only one choice, to just make it work somehow. When we were examining the rack for ways we could fix it, I noticed  one of our common bond coffee cups sitting on the floor. I immediately wondered if the coffee cup was the height of the wheel for the rack and I tried it out and sure enough it happened to be the perfect height to replace the wheel. I knew we would have to reinforce the coffee cup somehow otherwise it would just cave in on itself with all of the weight, so I dug in our box of supplies and we had some big batteries that powered our portable fan in the summer. I cleaned out the residue of Clay’s mocha latte with some toilet paper we always packed just in case and then I stuffed the cup with more toilet paper and put the batteries on top. Then I put the cup where the wheel should be and taped the crap out of it. It ended up holding strong with the entire market. 

After we solved the problem of the missing wheel, I was finally able to actually observe my surroundings again because I was so focused on fixing this problem for a while.  I almost screamed out loud when I realized that this was the day that the lady that owns a small business called the Prickle Parlor was here. I had bought an adorable cactus in an almost even more adorable pot from her about 2 months or so ago and ever since I have wanted to buy more. A few weeks ago I asked her when she would be here again and I had set a reminder for this market so I could run and get first pickings of her amazing selection of plants. I got two and I am very proud of them haha. 

The market was very slow for about the first hour and a half and then it started to pick up around 2 in the afternoon. 

This adorable blond girl came in wearing this beautiful colorful jacket of ours that just matched her energy so well. She came in talking about how much she was obsessed with this jacket and how she’s been wanting to venture out in her style. Her positive energy and smile was so strong and she just kept giving us compliments after compliments about how much she loves our clothes. She started asking us questions about like how we met, how old we are, how I got into the business, and how I came up with the name. We told her we were seniors and that Neomai means "To return home" in Greek, she was very impressed. She bought the jacket and got a very groovy scarf for free with it. She was the kind of girl with such a strong energy that when she left I felt tired just because I had to work so hard to match her grand energy. She was very sweet, I could have talked with her forever. 

This one mom came in trying to bargain a Burberry jacket from $135 because it had some stains on it, I let her have it for $100 just because she was trying really hard to get it for her daughter. I definitely don't do it all the time but sometimes it's good to just be nice like that LOL.

One of the nice dudes that works at the Pavement clothing store right next to us grabbed this super awesome casino shirt with lady silhouettes on it. He picks it up very quickly after seeing it and comes up to us saying, “Um, I need this” and we all laughed. Probably one of the best things I’ve heard a customer say 😂 

It turned out to be a very successful market and we had a lot of great conversations with people. Thank you to everyone that stops by and sparks up conversations with us, it always makes our days much more interesting and we love meeting such fun people. As always thank you to anyone of you that shops at small businesses and continues to support us and our journey in the vintage clothing world. 

Have a wonderful, beautiful day and we will see you AGAIN at this weekend's Montrose Market. 


February 22nd, 2022


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