About the owner

Welcome to Neomai Vintage, and thank you for being here

Definition of Neomai: “To return home” (Pronounced: “nee-oh-my”:)

The owner

Hi! My name's Caroline and i'm the, mostly, one woman show running this business! Here's my story.

My family opened a textiles recycling business in 2005 when I was a year old. The business slowly grew to include sales to various countries around the world, as well as retail clothing stores in Chile where half of my family is from and lives. Some of my earliest memories are of being in the sorting warehouses and retail stores, rummaging through the various piles of clothing, looking for some special gem. You could say I grew up with a connection to clothes.  Somewhere along the way, I discovered my true clothing passion – vintage! I created Neomai Vintage at age 15 to share this passion with others.

My goals for Neomai Vintage:

  1. Learn how to create and grow my own business for my future success, while enjoying and sharing something I truly love and am passionate about
  2. Support environmental stewardship through recycling. The textile industry is wasteful with over 16 million tons ending up in landfills annually.  Recycling is a way to reduce pressure on landfills, reduce energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The vintage business is growing in popularity and can help improve our planet. You can feel good that every time you buy vintage, you are also supporting the recycling process.

I want this company to be for anyone and everyone. I don’t assign categories for men’s or women’s clothing because I’ve always felt that when shopping at a resale shop, such as Goodwill, you can shop in every section. I love to look at clothes that are plain, over-sized or even torn to see how can I challenge myself to make them into fashionable outfits.

I hope that you have, or can find, an appreciation for these beautiful vintage pieces. Many people look at an old beat-up tag on a beautiful polyester dress or Wilson jacket and see it as trash. I have always seen it as value. Many of these items are no longer being made and hold so much history in them! That also makes them very unique, which is another reason why vintage really speaks to me. I’ve never liked seeing someone wear the same thing that I have on. When you wear vintage, chances are no one else will have the same thing!  

On this site, you can find things for your everyday wear and things for when you’re feeling like you want to really take your outfit to the next level. Challenge yourself to be bold, creative and unique.

I hope you will enjoy looking for those special items that express the real you as much as I love finding these beautiful and unique items for you!

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