February 6th Montrose Market Recap

February 6th Montrose Market Recap

Hi everyone! Here is our recap of the Montrose Market we attended on February 6th!

This month we have the market booked for every single weekend and we are so excited to have it to look forward to every week. I haven't talked about this yet on this blog, but my boyfriend Clay and my best friend Amaris are the two people that always come to the markets with me. Now, I graduated high school already, but they are both still finishing up their senior year right now. They always tell me that having the market on the weekend really helps them get through the week because it really is that fun. And they say on the weekends we don't have the market, they're like itching to go again the following week. So that's why we are all very excited for the month of February.

So last Sunday was a really beautiful day, in the morning there was not a cloud in the sky. The projected top temperature was 55 degrees and of course, I came prepared by wearing two pairs of pants and 3 layers of shirts. As soon as we got to the market, we realized we were 30 minutes early before our set up time so we walked down the street to the coffee shop that everyone gets their coffee from, Common Bond. I got my regular iced coffee even though it was closer to 38 degrees outside at that time and it really didn't help my already freakishly cold hands at all but it was fine haha.

After a pretty smooth setup, a good amount of people had already come by our booth by 1 pm.

One family came in with their kid and I heard them gently telling their kid to look with their eyes and not their hands. We gave the kid a sticker and their grandpa told them to say “Gracias”, he said gracias in the most adorable little kid voice and then he scurried off.

We were doing a $5 off sale for Valentine's and everyone that didn’t already know was very excited to hear that. We also just recently printed some new stickers with this adorable cartoon tiger on them and we give those out for free with any purchase. I love the little dopamine rush you can see people get when they find out they get automatic savings or a free sticker.

We had a good amount of people stay in our booth for at least 10-15 minutes because they were really taking their time to look at every item.

This guy came to the table wearing one of our crewnecks and it looked so perfect on him. He said "I love this", and he wanted to wear it out. He was also super stoked it was $5 off, when I told him he said, “Oh hail yeah”.

This girl came up asking how did I come up with the name "Neomai" and what did it mean? I told her it means "to return home" in Greek, and she loved that. She said the reason she asked us was because her mom's name is Neoma and she had never seen something like it anywhere else, she thought it was super unique. That was pretty cool, I love when people tell me they love the name because it was a big leap of faith for me when I chose it just because it felt so out there. It was either going to be really catchy or too out there that it was forgettable. So it’s nice to get some reassurance from time to time.

At some point during the market, this girl came in with her boyfriend and they were apparently talking about the different types of vendors there were and when she came into our booth and we heard her say, “See like you can tell these people put a lot of time and effort into making their booth look nice.” That was really nice to hear.

Overall the day was a really good selling day and we all felt very proud of ourselves. As always, thank you to everyone that comes out and continues to support us and all of the other small businesses that work really hard to bring a product they hope other people will love just as much as they do.

Have a wonderful, beautiful day and we shall see what happens at our next market this weekend.

February 8th, 2022


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