April 3rd Montrose Market Recap

April 3rd Montrose Market Recap

Hi vintage peeps! I'm back again to talk about what happened at the Montrose Market two days ago!

It was just my boyfriend and I on Sunday because my friend Amaris was celebrating a family birthday. That meant set up was a little bit slower because we had less hands moving things out of the cars but we actually managed to do it in a considerably small amount of time.

It was pretty dang hot and humid on Sunday, it was like mid 80s as the high and we definitely felt it as we were walking back-and-forth across the street getting all of our stuff from the cars. The sweat started falling pretty quickly. Nastttty.

We hadn't gone to the market the weekend before so I basically had had two weeks to wash our market rugs and tablecloth and when I did that I accidentally forgot to put the tablecloth back in our supply bucket. So we were setting up I was a little bit upset because I knew a week ago that I should've put the tablecloth right back into the bucket as soon as I finished washing it, but as always it was one of those situations where I was like, "ah i'll remember, its too important to forget" but low and behold, I did not remember. I just grabbed a really long width wise scarf and used that to cover our black table that looks not very appealing without a table cloth because it's all scratched up and everything.

As the sun started getting more directly above us and where we were sitting, it started getting very hot because it was basically shining down directly on us or at least an hour. At one point my phone overheated because it was in the sunlight, it was pretty bad. We were also next to the Petty Cash building and there was a nice little wasp nest with giant wasps flying around on the edge of their building and I am pretty much terrified of wasps so I kept having to get up and run away as they kept getting closer, embarasssingggggg ://///

At some point two middle aged women walked by and look at a green spring vest we had displayed and this is how their convo went, “Omg, LOVE THAT” and the other goes, “That is so Becky” and then, “Yeah Becky is just so good at vests” “oh for sure." Not going to lie it was pretty funny. 

A homeless man came up to us and he said he had just gotten out of prison in December and didn’t want any money, but he just wanted to get out of his warm hot clothes because he was only wearing an old sweatshirt and jeans. He asked if we could spare one T-shirt, so I figured giving him one from our five dollar box wouldn't hurt anything. I gave him a pretty good quality Star Wars shirt, I'm sure it'll last a good while. 

The really awesome thing that happened on Sunday was that we sold both of our  Coogi sweaters! I'm not going to lie, before we sold the Coogis, sales were going veryyyy slow, but we got really lucky.

There they are! I'm going to miss them ;(

So yeah that's pretty much the only really interesting things that happened. This was one of our highest selling days in a while and I was very happy about that. For some reason March was just very very slowwwwww. I did just get my new tent in and I'm thinking about booking two spots every once in a while and having a full T-shirt tent with my current maroon tent and then a more funky and colorful one with my new big white tent. So lots of cool things will be coming, now I just need to get in more stock because we've been struggling to get in good summer vintage. AHHHH. Okay that's it, thanks so much for reading and supporting! Love you guys!!! 

Have a wonderful, beautiful day!


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