Our First Blog Post!

Our First Blog Post!

 Hey vintage lovers! This is my first blog post! Yay! I am actually so excited about starting a blog on this website because I feel that there are just so many different things that can be talked about within the vintage clothing and resale business. I mean, from the individual styles of the clothing and their beginnings to the positive impact resale shops have on the environment, there’s a very wide range of topics we can tackle in this blog.

However, for my first post, I just figured I would introduce myself and tell you some more about myself that isn’t already on the "About us" page on the site. So Hi, My name's Caroline. As of writing this, I am 17 years old. My birthday is in March, and I am beyond excited to finally turn 18 because it’ll help out with a lot of business things. I graduated high school early in December 2021 to be able to work on my business full time, and I could not be happier with that decision. I have always been a really good student, but my sophomore year, when I started my business, I really started to dislike school because I felt I just wasn't learning anything useful anymore and all I wanted to do was work on my business and make my own money. So when I found out I could graduate early, I was ecstatic. I'm in this business because of my mom . Around the time I was born, she started getting into the resale clothing business, and basically, our family has resale stores in Chile, where she is from, but our warehouse is here in Houston. So I have grown up in and out of clothing and I have witnessed her be such an amazing boss lady my entire life.

Here’s some other little facts about my personal life,

  • I have 2 cats and a dog, my older cat is a calico named Patchy, and the younger one, whom I got about a year ago, is named Luna. Then there’s Miss Carly, our goofy little Cava Chon.

    • I have been with my boyfriend, Clayton, since we were 12 years old. We’re looking to move out together soon. 

    • I am a coffee LOVER, like yes I love drinking it, but I also love everything about the business of it, like the brewing of it, learning about how the origin of the coffee can affect the flavor, the societal impact of it, all of that stuff. 
    • I really enjoy reading but sometimes it takes a lot of effort for me to just start, but then I can’t stop. 
    • I have been around horses most of my life because my cousin has been horse back riding competitively for a while. I learned to ride from an early age but then I stopped for a while because the nearest stable with an available horse is kind of far. I’m starting to relearn a lot of the skills now. riding horses is something that brings me so much peace and joy, it really can be such a magical experience if you take the time to learn how to ride them well. 
    • I also like photography, i’m not crazy good or anything but I really love the adrenaline rush when you snap just a perfect photo. Once when I was in California at the San Diego zoo, I snapped these photos of a tiger and honestly from that moment on is when my infatuation with tigers began. These photos are probably the best photos I will ever take in my life and the reason our logo is a tiger now. I just love the majestic power you can see the tiger holds. They are just amazing beautiful creatures. 

    • I used to ballroom dance for a few years, I was pretty good but for most of time while I was doing it, I was still coming out of my shy shell so I wasn’t the best I could be because you really gotta learn to put on a show with everything you got in ballroom dancing.

    • That’s another thing, I am an introvert by nature, probably stemming from the fact that I am an only child and for a lot of the beginning of my life I traveled a lot and I wasn't really around other kids. That also made me pretty painfully shy probably up until like a year ago. Like I mean, talking to adults would make my face go red, shy. Im still working on it though. 
    • During that time of travel from when I was 3-5, I lived in Milan, Italy for about a year because of my dad’s job and I still have amazing memories from our time there.
    • I love traveling and have been blessed to be able to visit so many countries already. 
    • I am also a BIG foodie, except I don’t love most fish. Just some sushi items and Salmon. 
    • I started meditating about a year ago and it has changed the game of my life, I still need to do it more often though. 
    • I am also addicted to exercising, I have to do it every week otherwise I feel very lazy and weak. 

    ☟ Working out while on vacation in Tenerife, Spain ☟

         I would say those are basically the pillars of my life and some of the most important things about me without going into excruciating detail haha. Now, at the start of 2022 i'm really just trying to surround my self with the best people, the most positivity and best advice I can get from absolutely everyone. I’ve made my vision board and i'm ready to get sh*t done baby. 


    ✩ Fav color- Yellow

    ✩ Fav movie- The Greatest Showman, Free Guy is up there on the list and I just recently watched all of the Spider Man movies all in one week (for the first time ever) to be able to watch the new one with my friends, and I have to say, that was a transformative experience. 

    ✩ Fav Series- The Vampire Diaries, my senior quote was one from Damon Salvatore himself ;) second and third are The Office and Parks and Recreation.

    ✩ Fav Youtube Channel- Yes Theory, they changed my life and I want to get “Seek Discomfort” as my first tattoo when I turn 18. 

    ✩ Fav Book- Favorite book of all time is "The Fault in Our Stars", i've read it twice so far and it was perfection both times, an absolute masterpiece of a book. Anything John Green does is phenomenal.

    ✩ Fav Musical Artist- I don’t know for sure but 5 Seconds of Summer has been a staple in my life since I was 10 and their music really taught me to enjoy the little sounds in music.

    ✩ Fav genre of music- I literally love pretty much all genres, rock from 50s-80s, 80s pop, modern pop, indie pop, alternative, modern rock, pop rock, jazz, rap, I’m probably missing one but yeah. Everything. 

    ✩ Fav food- I really don’t know what my all time fav is but I LOVE Indian food and sushi a lot. 

    ✩ Cat Vs. Dog person- Love both but i’m def more of a cat person.

    ✩ Where was I born?- Born and raised in Houston, Texas baby.

    January 10th, 2022 



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